Lawn Turfing

Lawns, Grass Garden viewsLawns have been the centrepiece for the English garden for generations. Aside from the formal look and feel many have come to ‘expect’ from a lawn, they actually play an integral and important part in the design of numerous gardens.

Lawns are a great way of adding contrast to a garden, not only in terms of colour and variety, but also in height and space. They also happen to give you a safe, soft playing area for children.

If you are interested in creating a new lawn for your garden, contact us now and arrange your free initial visit where we can discuss your requirements and the options available for you and your garden. We use very good quality turf, so that you can rest assured that your new turfed lawn will look great and feel good! Remember The Grass Is Greener.

Creating a fantastic lawn with lush new turf is a satisfying experience. Seeing the landscape in full bloom against a perfect green backdrop for you to enjoy will enhance both your summer parties and winter outlook. You’ll remember the feeling of fresh greener grass between your toes as you walk barefoot around your lawn taking in the rest of the beautifully kept flowers, plants and trees.