Gardening Tips

Here are our top tips for Gardeners

  • Plant a buddleia and watch the butterflys dance!
  • Don’t was you face in the bird bath
  • Birds are wonderful companions when you’re dozing
  • Don’t plant a tree near your house
  • Join the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society)
  • Accept help, you can’t do it alone
  • Employ a gardener but take the credit for his hard work
  • Listed to Gardeners Question Time
  • Do not get a dog if you value your lawn
  • When visiting the Chelsea Flower Show, don’t drink too much Pimms. You’ll have no money left for plants!
  • Don’t get depressed when you return from holiday to find you garden has become unruly – Call Us!

Our England is a garden

But it was never made

By Saying

Oh how beautiful

and sitting in the shade