Garden Planting and soft landscapes

Breathing life into your garden with plants that are planted in it. The sweet scent of the English Rose, the movement of a wild grasses in the warm summer breeze, the clatter of bamboo wind chimes all go to make your planted flower beds seem more beautiful than ever.

The senses are filled with joy and this is by far the most important part in your garden. One that should have as much thought put into it as the any part of your garden design.

The planted sections of your garden are in fact an integral part of the any initial garden design, the positioning of a screen can encourage movement through to hiidden areas of your garden that can be bursting with flowers and plants full of life, colour and scent.

Plants of all sorts can be a real joy with so many options available regardless of the size and shape of your garden, there is no excuse for not creating a stunning landscape in which you can show off your plants and enjoy them every day of the year.

Creating the perfect garden for yourself is about choosing the right  plant combinations and choosing exactly where the plant is to be positioned in your garden design, will it need sun or a shady spot to help it survive and thrive.

Grand an dSteve have for many years been creating wonderful gardens and have an understanding plants, trees, flowers and grass which is invaluable when it comes to plant selection and garden enjoyment creation.